Do wild Santa Rosa animals make good pets?

Of course wild California animals do not make good pets, wild animals are wild, they are not tame and that means they are liable to bite you or scratch you the first time you do something they don't like because that is what they would do in the wild to another animal who got in their way and to them that is all you are, another animal for them to deal with. Besides the danger you put yourself and your family and your pets in by keeping a wild animal in the house you also risk the ire of the local authorities, before you even think about bringing a wild animal into the house check with your local state, county and city offices about the legality of having the animal at home.

A lot of Santa Rosa wildlife experts state that nearly all wild species have complex behavioral, social and psychological needs which cannot be met by people in the environment of the human house. The only need that humans can meet of the animal will be its food requirements. They state unequivocally that wild animals are always better off in the wild with their own species.

There are always people who seem to want to keep a wild California animal as some kind of exotic pet to show off to the neighbors and relatives, well in the United States if your exotic pet bites or injures anyone you are liable, not only to fix them pay for the injury but also for compensation for pain and suffering and that can get into pretty large figures.

You may keep a baby Santa Rosa wild animal that has been orphaned or abandoned by its mother and rare it until experts which is usually your local wildlife rehabilitator says the animal is ready to be returned to the wild, you will need a permit in a lot of places to rare the animal but that is usually not very hard to get if you have a support of your local wildlife rehabilitator, if you don't have their support I suggest you don't bother wasting your time trying to get a permit because they won't issue you one.

Nearly all baby California animals that are rared by humans display some behaviors that your pet dogs and cats do as well, they have learned these behaviors from your dogs and cats or if you don't have pets they've learned them from you, either way it still does not mean the now fully grown animal is tame because it probably isn't, at best it is partially tame.

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