All about the Santa Rosa opossum tail and what it is used for

Opossums are smallish mammals, about the size of a cat. They adapt easily to their surroundings and are able to eat whatever they are able to scavenge. They are good climbers and use this skill, not only to climb trees, but to gain entry to houses. They will then continue making themselves at home. They are able to stand on their back legs and have prehensile tails.

Prehensile tails
Prehensile tails are quite common in the animal kingdom. Some animals have tails that are fully prehensile. This means that they are able to hold and manipulate objects. This is one of the characteristics of an opossum. Their strong tails can be used to grasp objects. It is not, however, strong enough to hang by for extended periods of time. Different species of the Santa Rosa opossum have tails that are more adapted for use than others. There are even species with a shorter tail.

What does it look like?
The tail of a Santa Rosa opossum is thick and rope-like. It is long and hairless and resembles the tail of a rat.

What is it used for?
They are able to hold on to things with their tails. They use it to climb trees and occasionally to hang from branches. They do not sleep while hanging from a tree, their tails are only able to support them for short periods of time. The main use of their tail is to maintain their balance. They have relatively small feet for their size, and their tails help them maintain their center of gravity. They are able to carry things with their tail and often use it to carry sticks when they are making a nest.

Interesting facts about California opossums
The fact that an opossum has a prehensile tail makes it a unique mammal. There are quite a few interesting facts about opossums.
• Opossums are nocturnal. They often go unnoticed by people because they only come and go at night.
• They are able to “play dead.” When an opossum is frightened, it faints and is able to stay comatose for an extended period of time.
• They are not related to the possum. The Santa Rosa possum is a marsupial found in Australia. It is believed the opossum was named after it as they resemble each other.
• They are marsupials. This means that the female opossum carries her babies in a pouch on her belly.

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