Common Snakes of California

California State is popular for its variety of landscapes ranging from seasonal lakes to pine forests that attract wildlife for a comfy stay. There are so many arid and dry deserts, fertile farmlands and mountain regions that attract various snake species to enjoy natural habitat. Scientists say that there are around 33 species of snakes in California, but only 6 out of them are venomous. The remaining non-venomous Santa Rosa snakes rarely cause any harm to humans if they are left alone. In case if they find a way to your home, they will generally go out soon; there are very few cases when you have to call snake exterminators to take them out.

Common Snakes of California:

1. Garter Snake:
One of the most commonly found snakes in California State garter snake that is recognized by its 2-3 light stripes. They have a wide and large head as compared to other snake species in the state. These small sized snakes have also known as garden snakes are keeps on visiting yards and landscapes at human habitat. But the best idea is to don’t mess with them and let them move out when they are finished with their diet.

2. Western Racer:
This snake is present at almost every corner of California, and it uses to have grey, green and brown colors in the young age that turns into a darker appearance with age. This snake is often found in daylight, and he is a good climber. It grows up to 3 feet length and lives on small mammals, birds, lizards, eggs, turtles, frogs, insects and other small snakes.

3. Ring Neck Snake:
Here is a nocturnal Santa Rosa snake that is rarely found by humans but you can identify it from a ring around its neck. They are fast moving, secretive and tiny creatures with a little venom in their body. However, they are not much harmful to humans as they prefer to stay away instead of getting involved in fights. These adaptable snakes feed on smaller snake species, lizards, frogs, salamanders, slugs, and earthworms.

4. Coachwhip:
The Santa Rosa racer snake is one that is available in numbers of patterns and colors. Many experts report them with lighter bodies and darker heads having colors such as tan, brown, yellow, orange with banded darker stripes. These Santa Rosa snakes stay hyperactive in the daylight and are often found in sandy areas.

5. Gopher Snakes:
Here is another commonly found snake in California that also stays quite active during the day hours. You may find it enjoying summer heat in your garden, but if you leave it alone, it will never indulge in any fight. Gopher snake is also known as Western Pine Snake, Pacific Pine Snake and Western Bull Snake that can grow up to a maximum length of 35 to 85 inches. Other than this, you can have Sharp-Tailed Snake and California Kingsnake in this region. The best idea to stay safe from snake attacks is to leave them alone at their place.

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